Best Back Pain Management Practice


Pain management involves the whole process of prevention, diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment. It also covers rehabilitation of painful disorders. There are various reasons why you might experience back pain and for each type of back pain, there are symptoms and remedies that could be applied to correct the issue, back pain is one of the best when it comes to back pain management.

What causes back pain?


  • Irritation of the large nerve root that goes all the way to the legs and arms
  • Irritation of smaller nerves in the disc
  • Strained large paired back muscle that supports the spine
  • Injured bones, joints or ligaments throughout the spine may also cause back pain.

Back pain symptoms and treatment

You may experience a chronic neck pain that makes it difficult to move your neck. This is brought about by changes that occur in the spine and mostly occurs when you start aging. This condition mostly brings back pain to older adults and the middle aged.


Physical therapy Lifestyle changes where you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet. Depending on how severe the pain has extended a cervical procedure is recommended for you. A small incision is made to remove the damaged disc and replace it with a new one that naturally works with the motion of your spine.

Pain experienced on the back of the leg

The other symptom is a leg pain affects the leg. This pain comes from your lower back, but its impact is more felt in the back of your leg. This pain makes standing unbearable, and you prefer walking or sleeping. This situation is brought by sciatica nerve pain that is caused by a herniated disc.Treatment Endoscopic Discectomy is used to get rid of sciatica and remove parts of the damaged disc that bring about the pain

Great pain in lower back

This pain is experienced at the lower part of your back. The pain makes standing difficult. Other symptoms of the pain are the tightness of the upper legs and buttocks. The pain could be reduced by bending forward. The main cause of this pain is spinal stenosis. It’s the narrowing of the spinal canal which causes great pain. Aging is another cause of this disease. Genetic disorders where you are born with a small canal or just inheriting the disorder from family is another cause of the disease. Also, poor posture like slouching can lead to stenosis


Physical therapy Laminoforaminotomy is done which involves a small incision to help cut the stenosis. Great pain in the back, neck or limbs with reduced mobility Arms and legs are mostly affected by dull, localized pain that radiates down the back or outward. Reduced motion is one of the well-known symptoms. Other symptoms are tingling and numbness.

This condition comes along when a dislocation happens and borne moves below adjacent muscle of the spine. A lot of pressure is exerted on the spinal cord nerves. A slipped disc mostly occurs on the neck, but there are no limits it can happen in any part of the body.



Decompressed laminectomy is done to repair the vertebra.This involves removing parts of the bone to create space for the nerves that were under pressure. Spinal fusion is done to improve spine’s stability, and it’s applied mostly on critical back pain cases.