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Best Synthetic Urine Drug Test


If you want to pass a urine drug test you may want to use the synthetic urine because when used properly it will be quite secure and effective. However when you want to use synthetic urine when headed for a lab test, there are some steps you need to follow for it to become successful.
First, bear in mind that in the recent past the labs have upgraded their systems so as to detect the slightest trace of fake urine in the urine test. Most labs test for uric acid during the test but unfortunately a great number of the synthetic urine products lack this competence which makes it easy for the doctors to detect synthetic urine.

Best synthetic urine drug test

The Urine Should Have Body Temperaturefhdsgfjdsgfdjs

The normal body temperature is usually 36 to 37 degree C. Your synthetic urine sample should have this temperature for you to pass the drug test. If the fake urine that you have is below the normal body temperature you can heat it to the appropriate temperature using a microwave.

Place the Urine in a Safe Position

You need to keep your fake urine in a place where the doctor won’t detect. You can probably use a belt bladder, a fake penis or whizzinator to ensure that the doctor doesn’t notice your fake sample.

Present Your Samples Quickly

When you delay on presenting your synthetic urine to the lab, it may lose the required temperature, and there will be a higher possibility of getting detected. Make sure that you present your sample as soon as possible.

Find a Genuine Seller

The synthetic urine you buy should be from a trusted brand. Most of these product sellers have not yet attained the ideal standards of making effective synthetic urine. You need to find a reliable brand that will give you synthetic urine that won’t disfjdhfghsgfhsgdfsappoint.

One way of finding an efficient synthetic urine brand is by going through several customer reviews to come up with the brand that meets the customer’s needs effectively.

The synthetic urine comes in two types; in a liquid and powder form. When you purchase it in powder form, you will mix it with the prescribed amount of water.

Between the two options, you will choose the one that will work best for you and ensure that you present it to the lab in the while in the right condition.