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SUP Boards – Choosing The Right Type And Size



SUP boarding is, undoubtedly, one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Engaging in this competition and purchasing your first SUP board will be one of your best and most exciting life decisions. Not only will you have a very good time out on the water, but you will also keep fit and improve your health, as well as meet new people and make new friends.

To choose the right board, you will have to familiarize yourself with the main types and learn how to pick the right size of the board.

Surf wave paddle boards

These boards are usually light, short, and narrow. They are mainly designed for maneuverability and performance in mind. They are not suitable for long distance paddles, as they require a lot of work and effort to stay on a specific track. Additionally, they are less stable than other, larger boards.

Inflatable SUP boards

22lfnljgfiojpoThese boards were designed to deal with some specific issues, namely, transportation and storage. The majority of paddlers live in apartments and condos and drive cars that are simply too small to transport large SUP boards. Therefore, inflatable boards come as a perfect solution for them.

Their main features include low weight and ease of transport. They are also quite durable, as they cannot end up with holes and dings when bumping into rocks. However, if you end up purchasing one, keep in mind that they are not designed for wave riding. If you are interested in finding a good inflatable board, you should check out this Peak inflatable paddle board review for more info.

Racing SUP boards

Given the fact that there are SUP racing events popping almost everywhere, it is no wonder that there are plenty of racing boards out there. If you crave speed, these boards are for you. Their main features include a pointy nose, extended length, and an exceptionally long fin. These enable them to reach higher speeds, but at the cost of stability and control.

Touring SUP boards

These boards are characterized by high volumes, length, width, and a pointy nose. As opposed to the wave boards, these are much more stable and easier to control.

If you are interested in cruising the calm seas or lakes, or just relaxing on a flat body of water, these boards will be a perfect choice.

Yoga SUP boards

These are also longer and wider than standard wave boards. They feature a soft top, which is used to hook up all kinds of exercise equipment, such as resistance bands and PFDs. Yoga aficionados mostly prefer to anchor their boards, so as to prevent them from drifting away during a yoga session.

The size of the board

33jhchwgfuhNow that you are familiar with SUP board types, you should figure out the right size of the board. When thinking about the size of the board, think of it regarding volume. The thicker, longer, and wider the board, the more volume it will feature. Keep in mind that, in most cases, volume equals stability.

If you are a SUP newcomer, you should go with a board that has more volume, so as to learn essential techniques most safely and efficiently. Once you become more proficient, you can downsize and look for smaller, lighter boards, which will provide with more excitement, agility, and speed.