Do Nitric Oxide Supplements Work?


The body forms Nitric Oxide gas during the breakdown of amino acids. The reaction is catalysed by an enzyme known as Nitric Oxide Synthase. This gas can be used for several purposes. However, the main use of nitric oxide supplements is to increase the flow of blood. It is from this increased flow that a person realizes the benefits that come from such products.

Supplements that contain this component are known to:

  • Increase resistance to your muscular fatigue
  • Increase the muscular work output
  • Increase recovery during post workouts

It is true there are several factors, which can influence your muscle strength and growth. For instance, your training and diet. Therefore, if your training and diet are in place, consuming nitric oxide supplements enables the body to build muscle mass.

It is a fact that supplements that contain nitric oxide increase blood flow. You can confirm this with a person that uses any nitric oxide supplement. The question is; t56y2752g5285hfw6does the increased blood flow produce results as claimed? Or, does a person gain mental advantage from increased blood flow?


This is a process in, which blood vessels relax. This allows them to accommodate more blood from and to the working muscle tissues. Usually, it is triggered by the onset of workouts and need for nutrients and oxygen. Nitric oxide influences the process.

High levels of this substance aid in the conversion of the enzyme that serves as an important messenger. It helps in relaxation of the vascular smooth muscle to create vasodilatory effects. If the levels of nitric oxide are thwarted, then vasodilation can occur. This enables the body to transport a good amount of nutrients to maximal power output.

Therefore, if you enable your body to produce the right amount of nitric oxide, you are guaranteed vasodilation can occur. This enables the body to transport a good amount of nutrients.


This is an important hormone, which allows nutrients such as glucose. The high amount of insulin increases vasodilation.

Usually, these supplements are consumed pre-workout only. You should note that r4257tt25ar725ay62supplementation of sugars is not recommended at any particular time. The good thing about nitric oxide supplements is that they do not contain sugars. Therefore, they have a low effect on vasodilation.

Experts recommend carbohydrate ingestion before workouts. This allows for a high chance of vasodilation. It is worthy to conclude that nitric oxide supplements help users gain better results as compared to other bodybuilding supplements.