Phuket Dental Implants – Facts To Know


Phuket is an island located off the coastal shores of Thailand. Apart from being a tourist destination, it is also one of the leading dental care destinations in the world. Phuket is known for critical cosmetic dentistry and other dental works. Phuket dental implants are of good quality and durable. Read more about these implants and treatments. Here are some of the reasons that make Phuket a great dental care destination in the whole world.


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Phuket has world-class dental facilities that enable the dentist to perform even the most sophisticated dental operations. Those who visit this part of the world for dental care reasons should expect to get quality services. All these are at very competitive rates. The staff there is multilingual and very cordial. They also give online services and consultations.

Their equipment is of high standards and they also use cutting edge technology that supports 3-D CAM system. They also use panoramic x-rays that help them to make their diagnosis precise. Phuket is one of the destinations that are highly recommended by the Medical Tourism Corporation.

High-quality dental implants

All the clients who have been to Phuket for dental implants have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of work done by the dentists there. The clinics in Phuket work in collaboration with numerous medical institutions to ensure that their standards are not compromised. Some of the institutions include American Dental Association and DDS from the University of Chulalongkorn.

Timely delivery

Clinics in Phuket are known for serving their clients within the shortest periodhn23ed5t3e6dy62u273u82i2. The quality of operations done allows the patients to recover within a day of operation. The patients may be required to do several visits during the different stages of x-ray. The first stage of fitting the implants may take about a week while the second stage may take one two weeks depending on the complexity of the operation. A process that requires bone graft may take longer. However, the process takes a shorter period compared to most dental clinics.

Affordable rates

It is said quality comes at a cost. However, Phuket dental implants are cheaper as compared to most dental clinics all over the world. Even after paying for the travel expenses and accommodation charges the costs are still cheaper. Apart from exclusive dental care one can also take the time to relax at the beach. Getting dental care from Phuket guarantees you to go back home with a million dollar smile.