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Common Cosmetic Dentistry Services You May Consider


Dentistry is one important medical department in the human history. We visit dentists for various reasons ranging from regular check-ups, treatment, and tooth extraction. These are medical reasons that are necessary when you develop illness in your teeth.

With regular flossing and brushing, you can lower your chances of visiting your dentist unless you are going for a regular checkup. However, there are other reasons why people visit the dentist, and these are cosmetic reasons.

Common Services

Replacement of missing teeth

Could you be missing some of your teeth due to an accident or tooth extraction? Did you know that the teeth can be replaced with artificial teeth? Qualified dentists do this procedure. It is good; because you can still look good with teeth and nobody willgt6y347u47ue8i94 be able to tell that they are artificial. The new teeth restore your teeth system since they perform all functions such as chewing and talking.

Restoring your damaged teeth

You can have your damaged tooth replaced by a dentist. This is if the tooth is not dead. If the tooth is dead, it will be replaced as described in the previous service. This service is much cheaper than replacement. It is good to visit a dentist as soon as you develop illness in your tooth to have it restored before it is completely damaged. Regular dental clinic visits cannot be overemphasized.

Whitening of teeth

The color of your teeth can change to an unpleasant one. This depends on some factors ranging from sickness, diet and heredity. The good news is that you can have your teeth whitened. Just visit your local dentist for a quote.

Crooked teeth

You may have developed a bad shape for your teeth. Some people were born with tt3563773356ustg3hu3j38poorly formed teeth while others get ill-shaped teeth during accidents. It does not matter how it happened; the teeth can be given a new good shape just visit your dentist.

You can have your crooked teeth reshaped too. There are several options as may be provided by your dentist for straightening your crooked teeth. The options range from use if Invisalign to use of metal braces. You will have the opportunity to select what works for you according to your budget.

Home Remedies For Toothache

rereteyueA toothache is the worst pain dreaded by a lot of people. It is very uncomfortable. It makes you feel like your entire system is affected. You can just imagine going to bed at night with an unbearable pain throbbing from your teeth to your jaw and head. It will definitely keep you awake in distress. Some say that it is better to have a headache than to have a bad tooth because you can still sleep even with a bad headache unlike if your tooth is throbbing in pain.

Toothaches may be caused by cavities, gum infection, jaw joint disorder and other oral problems. If you are experiencing toothaches, it would be best for you to seek the help of your dentist.

Here is a list of just some of the home remedies that will help alleviate a toothache.


Properties: (salt) antibacterial and antimicrobial
Mix a teaspoonful of salt in a glass of warm water and use it as mouthwash. Gargle slowly and try to swish the salty water around your mouth or you can concentrate on the affected side.


Properties: (both salt and pepper)inflammatory, analgesic and antibacterial
Mix some pepper and salt in equal amounts and form a paste by adding a few drops of water. Apply the paste and let it sit on the affected area for few minutes. You can do this as much as needed.


Properties: antiseptic, antimicrobial4ewwtrwe
Chew an onion or put it directly on the affected tooth.


Properties: antibiotic, other medicinal properties that are very helpful in reducing pain
Add some salt to a crushed clove of garlic Apply it on the affected tooth. You can also directly chew a clove of garlic for relief.


Properties: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anesthetic, antioxidant
Mix ground cloves with olive oil and apply it on the affected tooth.

                                                                           6. GUAVA LEAVES

7834843ddProperties: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial
Chew guava leaves until the juice comes out. Or you can also boil some guava leaves in water and use it as mouthwash as soon as it gets warm enough.


Properties: Antibacterial
You can chew on wheatgrass, or you can extract the juice and use it to gargle with.

All the remedies that are mentioned above have different properties that soothe a toothache or reduce the pain, fight tooth decay and kill the germs that are causing infections. If a toothache persists, you need to see a dentist.