The Benefits of Using Wheel Walkers


How Wheel Walkers Will Make Life Easier For Grandma

When humans are still young and energetic activities such as running, walking, even standing are ignored but when age sets in many people realize the importance of these things hence they need wheel walkers. When mobility is affected, these things become prized abilities such that despite the caused of having ambulatory problems, many seniors will opt to use wheel walkers to help them maintain their balance instead of just resigning themselves to a wheelchair.

One of the reasons why seniors will have mobility issues is the fact that certain diseases accompany the aging process which in turn affects motion and balance. The good thing is that medical walkers with wheels are here to give the seniors a little bit of the freedom of movement back.

The Kinds Of Wheel Walkers And Their Benefits

Two front wheels and two back legs

22nncjjfThe first type of wheel walkers is an ambulatory aid that has two front wheels and two back legs which help those who have problems with balance as they stand or walk.

They are also often designed to be foldable so that when Grandma wants to go out, she can bring this item with her. The beautiful thing is that to make it easier to use this product, the back legs have skis to make them glide on the floor as Grandma opposed to lifting them up as she would using a standard walker.

The 3-wheel walker

Ideal for indoor use it will make her easily negotiate narrow spaces inside her home due to the basic wheel in front and the two back wheels. However, for outdoor, she may find it difficult to keep steady especially if the terrain is not smooth.

This product will not have a space for a seat due to the limitation in its design, but she will still be able to bring her things along as she switches places because most manufacturers will include a basket for this product as well as other accessories.

Four wheel walker

The four wheel walker is a type of mobility aid which is also referred to as a rollator or a walker with a seat. This is the best thing that Grandma can ever have because if she already has decreased strength and endurance but can still stand or walk if she holds on to support she can still move around.

 Top the line walkers

33hhdhdjdjFor seniors the seats are well padded which will give her the comfort that she needs plus there will be a backrest so that she can just lean back and rest that body which quickly gets tired. With high quality brake mechanisms, the product will not roll as Grandma sits on it and she will not fear that she will fall and suffer broken bones.

This type of wheel walkers is perfect too because they come with many accessories that she can attach to make her life easier. For instance, she can bring her mug or tumbler of water or her favorite drink along and place it on the cup holder to make it steady; she can bring her favorite book or other reading material or even a small oxygen tank with her and place it on the basket which can be found under the seat; she can use zippered bags to place other important things; for fun she can attach horns as warning devices.