Understanding The Benefits of Post Natal Massage

New mothers need to regain from body changes due to childbirth. Usually, special diets are recommended for to help them recuperate faster. Post-natal massage is the best treatment for them. This is a full body type of massage that is given to new mothers for first 40 days. The following are its benefits

Relaxing muscle tension
This type of massage is perfect to ease spots and relaxing muscles. As you know, Post natal massage 2childbirth process is strenuous more so at the abdomen, hips, and lower back. The upper back may also have problems when you are breasting or if you are not in a suitable position. At the end, you will feel relaxed. This is because, it encourages your body to release endorphins. These are natural pain killers.

Increasing blood circulation
Post-natal massage helps increase oxygen and blood flow in the body. The muscles can get enough oxygen and blood. Also, this helps get rid of toxins from the body.

More breast milk
Massage helps the body to release oxytocin. This hormone triggers letdown reflex that releases milk from the breast. Therefore, you are likely to leak breastmilk during the massage process. You are advised to put on your breast pads when going for this massage. Breast massage has been found to help loosen clumps, loosen hardened areas, or open blocked ducts. It also helps reduce the risk of mastitis disease. Vigorous massage on breasts is ill-advised as it may cause more damage than good. Therefore, ensure that you are only getting gentle and soft strokes on your breasts.

Speed up recovery
If you underwent the caesarean section, you need the massage to speed up recovery. Although you are required to stay clear of the wound until it has healed, a gentle massage is necessary to increase the blood flow and speed up internal healing.
Post natal massage 1Improves cardiovascular health

Post natal massage improves your cardiovascular health. This is as a result of better hormone regulation and physical action of stroking body tissues and muscles. Massage activity stimulates lymph and blood flow freely throughout your body.

Postnatal massage is a tradition treatment in many countries, which has been passed from one generation to another. The practice has lots of benefits to offer, and they are worth the effort and time. The aim of the massage is to offer an important sense of comfort to a new mother. It gives emotional and nurturing support and alleviates muscle aches from strain during childbirth.